01:32 pm
19 August 2022

Anstream Arcade Comes to Epic Games Store

Anstream Arcade Comes to Epic Games Store

Antstream Arcade is now available as a free title on Epic Games Store.

The app is also available as an executable for Windows, Mac, and Linux from the Antstream website.

Additionally, a promotional package will be released for free on Epic Games Store on November 25th.

Here’s an oddity you should be aware of if you’re already an Antstream player, though. If you install Antstream Arcade on Epic, you’ll need to create a new Antstream account. You cannot use your existing account to play Antstream via the Epic Games Store. Furthermore, if you’ve installed the game via Epic, you cannot also run the original Antstream exe and log in with your old account. Trying to run the original exe will automatically launch the Epic version, meaning you’ll need to use the new account you’ve created. This is all to say that if you’ve been playing Antstream and you’re attached to your existing account, don’t download and install the game on Epic.