05:33 pm
16 August 2022

Blacknut Now Supports Adaptive Controllers From HitClic

Blacknut Now Supports Adaptive Controllers From HitClic

The entire library of games on the Blacknut cloud streaming service now support the full range of adaptive controllers from HitClic, Blacknut announced in a press release today.

“Our mission at Blacknut has always been to simplify access to video games. Controllers compatible with Blacknut games will remain so and players with adapted needs can enjoy the entire existing catalog, as well as the new games added. every month, without fear of having to find new technical solutions.”

Explains Olivier Avaro, founder of Blacknut

HitClic produces controllers and modifications that allow players with disabilities to enjoy video games otherwise inaccessible to them because of standard controller design. Check out their website to see their products and learn more about their mission.