05:40 am
07 December 2022

Fortnite Launches on Xbox Cloud Gaming, bypassing the iOS App Store

Fortnite Launches on Xbox Cloud Gaming, bypassing the iOS App Store

Today, Microsoft launched Epic’s battle-royale shooter Fortnite on Xbox Cloud Gaming. Fortnite is the first free-to-play title available on Xbox Cloud Gaming. Critically, a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is not required to play Fortnite via Xbox’s cloud service. Only a Microsoft account is required.

Since this January, Fortnite has also been available over the cloud via GeForce Now. On GeForce Now, Fortnite remains free-to-play as well, but there are a couple of key differences between playing on GeForce Now vs Xbox Cloud Gaming.

  1. While GeForce Now does allow free access to its servers, free-tier play sessions are limited to a single hour at a time. Free-tier players may also be required to wait in a queue, behind paying subscribers. Xbox has no such limitations for Fortnite.
  2. On mobile, GeForce Now requires a bluetooth or a USB controller to play. Mobile players using Xbox Cloud Gaming can play with touch controls or with a controller.
  3. On PC, GeForce Now supports playing with a mouse and keyboard. Xbox supports only controllers; players cannot use a mouse and keyboard..

In a recent legal trial, Epic lost its suit against Apple for allowing iOS players to purchase Fortnite DLC directly from Epic, which would have allowed Epic to bypass Apple’s cut of the cost. There were anti0-trust concessions, however, that requires Apple to allow developers to link to other means of payment outside of the App Store itself. But now, iPhone users can play Fortnite with GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming. Players can also purchase DLC for Fortnite bypassing

Also of note is that, a year ago, Epic stated that they would not be bringing Fortnite to Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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