01:37 pm
19 August 2022

GeForce Now Launches Paid Priority Tier

GeForce Now Launches Paid Priority Tier

Nvidia has announced that they are launching a new paid membership for GeForce Now called Priority. Priority is $9.99 a month, month to month. An annual membership is $99.99.

GeForce Now still offers its Free streaming model. Free users are limited to a 1-hour play session and must wait in a queue for server slots to open up.

Until now, GeForce Now has offered a Founders tier. Existing Founders subscribers will have the opportunity to continue their subscription at the regular price of $4.99 a month, indefinitely. They’ve rebranded this as Founders For Life. The Founders tier is no longer available to new subscribers.

For clarification, subscribers must wait for servers as well, if they are all in use, but they have priority positioning in the queue.