01:50 pm
19 August 2022

Google Announces New Incentives for Stadia Developers

Google Announces New Incentives for Stadia Developers

At the Google for Games Summit, Google announced new incentives for developers who publish their games on Stadia.

70% Subscription Revenue Share

Any new game claimed (for free) with a subscription to Stadia Pro will earn a slice of revenue from Pro subscriptions, divvied up from 70% of Goggle’s earnings. The revenue share is calculated by number of days a player plays the developer’s game.

Click-to-Play Bonus

Google calls this their affiliate marketing program. As part of their advertising, developers can share a link to their game page on the Stadia store. New players who start a free trial of Stadia Pro and then go on to pay for a subscription will net the developer $10.

85/15 Revenue Split

From October 1st through 2023, all new games released will earn 85% of the game’s sales, to a maximum of $3 million. This share (though temporary and applicable to new releases only) compares to an 88/12 split for both Epic Games Store and Microsoft PC Games Store, and 70/30 for Steam, though that share improves to 25% at $10 million in sales and 20% at $50 million in sales.

Games Industry has a great interview with Google on these announcements.