06:25 pm
16 August 2022

How to Attach Your Phone to Every Type Of Controller

How to Attach Your Phone to Every Type Of Controller

As a companion piece to our look at playing computer games on your phone, we’re going to survey the means of attaching your controllers to your phone. Call them clips or mounts, they allow you to play games on your phone without propping up your phone somewhere. All of the options I’ve tried work perfectly with my Google Pixel 2 in its case. Each clip is extendable, so they’ll each fit a variety of phone sizes.

Xbox Controller

For the Xbox Controller, I bought the foldable controller phone holder from WEPIGEEK. It’s $9 and works wonderfully. The kickstand is especially appreciated, as well, because you can rest your controller down without it tipping over.

DualShock 4

For my DualShock 4, I 3D printed a Thingiverse file from Paga777i. All that’s needed is any old rubberband for the clip to grip the phone.

Steam Controller

For my Steam Controller, I also 3D printed a file from Thingiverse. This one is from Umar167. Like the DualShock 4 mount, you’ll need a rubberband for it to work.

Stadia Controller

For my Stadia Controller, I purchased the official Power Support CLAW. The extra few inches extended towards your face really helps with visibility.