12:55 pm
19 August 2022

Nine to Five Arrives F2P on Stadia December 8th

Nine to Five Arrives F2P on Stadia December 8th

On December 8th, Nine to Five will launch in early access on Stadia, free-to-play. It is currently available on PC via Steam as well.

What makes the experience unique on Stadia, versus PC, is that it can be streamed on TV, mobile, and on any computer. Because the game is played over the cloud, it does not need to be installed. Furthermore, a Stadia Pro subscription is not required, so it truly is free-to-play on Stadia.

Developer/Publisher Redhill Games describes the game as:

Nine to Five is a free-to-play 3v3v3 team focused first-person shooter! Set in a future where corporations rule and being their mercenary is just another job, collaboration and smart teamplay is what gets the job done around here – not just pure reflexes. Customize your loadouts, mod your favorite weapons and make a killing! Nine to Five is in Early Access, enjoy the Open Beta!

To play on Stadia, you will need a Google account and Stadia account.