02:15 pm
19 August 2022

Nvidia GeForce NOW Preview

Nvidia GeForce NOW Preview

Nvidia’s GeForce NOW is a cloud service currently in beta. We were fortunate enough to get a key, so we figured we’d take a few minutes to share our experience.

We’ve been playing GeForce NOW on a Windows 10 PC. With a hard-wired connection, our download speed exceeds 100 Mbps.

GeForce NOW is a bring-your-own-game service. Players may play hundreds of supported games, as long as they own the game or it’s free-to-play.

I’ve played a number of titles I own via Steam, and I am largely impressed by the results. In several instances, I completely forgot that I was playing over the cloud. The Division ran beautifully, as did Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain, albeit at a reduced resolution. Some games, like The Phantom Pain and Rocket League, did not allow for a larger resolution.

I did notice occasional stuttering, but the issue was rare and brief while playing single player games. However, my experience was rougher playing online games, like Team Fortress 2. The frame rate seemed lower and stuttering was more frequent.

GeForce NOW allows players to set their streaming quality, choosing between preset options for quality or data, or allowing for customization of bit rate, frame rate, resolution, and others.

The options are appreciated because different players will want different results. For my part, I chose to play with the “competitive” default and was very pleased with the results for most single player games I tried.

If you’re interested in trying out GeForce NOW, you can join the Wait List here. We recommend it.