10:30 pm
07 February 2023

PlayStation Plus vs Xbox Cloud Gaming Subscription Comparison

PlayStation Plus vs Xbox Cloud Gaming Subscription Comparison

With Sony announcing their new PlayStation Plus subscription plans, we’ve put together a simple table comparing their plan benefits with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Only Ultimate is included in this table because it is the only plan that includes cloud streaming. Xbox also offers subscription plans for Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass for Console, and Game Pass for PC. All of the PS Plus plans are included because they are new and you may find this table useful for comparing them.

PS Plus Essential, as well as ALL of the plans below include:

  • Online Play
  • Cloud Saves
  • Monthly Free Games
  • Member Discounts

Here is a table comparing the price and benefits of PlayStation Plus Extra, PlayStation Plus Premium, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

PS Plus ExtraPS Plus PremiumXbox Game Pass Ultimate
Cloud Streaming to Console
Cloud Streaming to PC
Cloud Streaming to Mobile
Xbox Game Downloads
PC Game Downloads
1st Party Titles
EA Play Subscription
PS5 Game Downloads
PS4 Game Downloads
PS4 Game Streaming
PS3 Game Streaming
PSX, PS2, PSP Game Downloads
PSX, PS2, PSP Game Streaming
Game Trials

Notes on Pricing:

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is available for an introductory price of $1 for the first month.
  • PS Now subscribers will automatically be upgraded to PS Plus Premium when the service launches in June, and their subscription price ($10/month) will remain the same as long as they remain subscribed.
  • PS Plus Essential costs $10/monthly, $25/quarterly, $60/yearly.

All information concerning Xbox Game Pass drawn from Microsoft.

All information concerning PS Plus drawn from Sony.

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