02:46 am
26 September 2021

Profile: GOG Galaxy

Profile: GOG Galaxy

GOG Galaxy is an optional client for the Good Old Games stores. GOG Galaxy marries the permanent ownership of games with the convenience of modern client features, such as auto-updates and cloud saves. GOG Galaxy is currently in version 1.2. Version 2.0 is expected soon, which is open source and will integrate the store and libraries from other game clients, such as Steam and Epic Games Launcher.

GOG Galaxy Official Website


  • Install and Launch Games
  • Auto-Update Games
    • Optionally Enabled or Disabled
  • Rollback Game to Previous Version
  • Cross-play Multiplayer with Steam
  • Cloud Saves
  • Achievements
  • In-Game Overlay
  • Bandwidth limiter and scheduler
  • Screenshot Tool
  • Hibernation Mode
  • FPS Counter
  • Friends List and Chat
  • Game Inviting and Joining