02:00 pm
19 August 2022

Profile: Indiexpo and Indiepad

Profile: Indiexpo and Indiepad

Indiexpo is a free indie game platform. Games can variously be played in the browser, or downloaded for PC, Mac, or Linux, as well as Android and iOS. Indiexpo also has a touch-controller for Android called Indiepad that allows players to play games in a browser or on their Chromecast with their phone as a controller. Indiepad supports up to four phones for local co-op. Finally, Indiexpo offers a browser extension for Chrome and Opera that will load a random game to play in an overlay window.

Indiexpo Official Website
Indiepad Official Website
Indiepad Chrome and Opera Extensions

Game Library

  • Indiexpo features over 2,500 free indie games
  • Indiepad supports over 100 games to play with your Android as a controller


  • Indiexpo supports games for In-Browser, Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.
  • Indiepad is an app for Android only but can be played in any browser and on Chromecast.