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19 August 2022

Profile: Project xCloud

Profile: Project xCloud

Project xCloud is an upcoming cloud gaming service from Microsoft. xCloud will run on a custom blade composed of Xbox One parts and will be hosted at Microsoft’s Azure data centers, which supports 54 regions in 140 countries. Additionally, players will be able to stream their Xbox One and Scarlett to other devices. Public trials for xCloud will begin in October this year. An official release date is to be determined.

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Plans or Pricing

  • To Be Announced


  • Custom blade that can host the component parts of multiple Xbox One consoles, as well as the associated infrastructure supporting it.
  • Microsoft has indicated that the hardware will evolve over time, stating that Scarlett will be the foundation for xCloud server updates.

Game Library

  • Xbox One Games and Backwards Compatible-Supported Games
    • Currently, over 3,500 titles


  • Console Streaming
    • Stream your personal Xbox One or Scarlett console to your mobile device or tablet.
  • Phones
    • Bluetooth or Connected Controller, or Touch-Input
  • Tablet
    • Bluetooth or Connected Controller, or Touch-Input
  • More devices will be supported in the future, but only Phones and Tablets have been formally announced so far.
  • Internet Connection
    • 4G or better
    • 10 Mbps download speed


  • Touch-Input Controls
    • Newly designed control system designed for phones and tablets.
  • IsStreaming API
    • Allows any game to know if it’s streaming from the cloud.
    • Games can then cue features and functionality to enhance the streaming experience; for instance, adjusting font sizes for smaller displays or hosting multiplayer matches on a single server to reduce latency.

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