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16 August 2022

Profile: Steam Link

Profile: Steam Link

Steam Link* is a streaming service for Valve’s Steam client. Steam Link is currently in beta. With Steam Link, players can stream their Steam library from a PC to other devices.

Official Steam Link Website
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Game Library

  • Play games you have purchased for Steam.

Steam Remote Play

  • Steam Remote Play is the terminology used to stream a Steam game from computer to another, presumably less powerful computer. As of July 13th, Steam Remote Play allows players the option to stream from one network to another, whereas before, players needed to play on the same network as the host computer.

Steam Link Hardware

Official Steam Link Hardware Website
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  • The Steam Link Hardware is a device that players can plug into their TV. With a Steam Controller or other supported controller, players can play games on the Steam Link Hardware from their computer streaming Steam.

Steam Controller

Official Steam Controller Website

  • The Steam Controller can be used to play Steam games directly on your computer or on supported devices while streaming with Steam Link. The Steam Controller is designed to be able to play any game, including those designed for mouse and keyboard. The controller is highly digitally configurable, allowing you to map and “program” inputs.

*A note on the naming convention. Valve initially announced their streaming initiative as Steam Link Anywhere, but they’ve since reverted to calling it simply Steam Link, despite the confusion with their peripheral device. Therefore, we will be using the term Steam Link to mean their streaming service and apps. We’ll specify the hardware as such.

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