02:19 pm
19 August 2022

Profile: Vectordash

Profile: Vectordash

Vectordash is a cloud gaming service. Players can play their owned PC games remotely, over a Vectordash gaming PC. Vectordash also allows people the opportunity to lease their own PCs as cloud gaming machines for other users.

When your machines are online, we let people use them to play PC games like Fortnite in a secure, unprivileged way. The gamers don’t have access to the network or machine beyond what is required to play games. We pay you about 75% of what gamers pay us to use the service, allowing you to earn passive income every month!


Vectordash Official Website


  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • $19.95/month

Game Library

  • Play your owned PC games. No installation required.

Minimum Hosting Requirements

  • Motherboard
    • Virtualization support and IOMMU (Directed I/O) support
  • CPU
    • Virtualization support
    • Intel Core i5, i7 (Sandy Bridge and above), i9
    • Intel Xeon (Ivy Bridge and above)
    • AMD Ryzen
    • AMD EPYC
  • GPU
    • Nvidia 10 series and Titan series GPUs are supported
      • with the exception of the 1060 3GB, 1050, and 1050 t
  • Disk Drive
    • SSDs Only. HDDs Not Supported.
  • Connection Speed (Per GPU)
    • 50 Mbps Download
    • 25 Mbps Upload
  • Read more about hosting here.