06:59 pm
16 August 2022

Rovio Closes Hatch Premium; Hatch Kids Lives On

Rovio Closes Hatch Premium; Hatch Kids Lives On

Gamasutra reports that Rovio has shuttered its mobile cloud gaming service, Hatch Premium. Rovio holds an 80% stake in Hatch, the company responsible for the service. Hatch Kids remains operational.

Hatch Premium was pulled down on December 31, 2020.

An official statement on the Hatch website reads:

Hatch Premium was our first live service powered by the Hatch streaming technology. Launching across many countries in Europe, South Korea, Japan, and most recently the US throughout 2018-2019, it offered over 100 mobile games to its users, ranging from casual games to high-fidelity racing to fast-paced action titles. Hatch partnered with some of the world’s largest operators to bring game streaming to mobile users across the globe for the first time.

In early 2020, we made a decision to ramp down the Hatch Premium service and refocus the company resources to develop our core streaming technology further to power the future of gaming and enable the creation of cloud-native games.

We believe that the future of gaming is cloud native and Hatch continues actively working towards that goal going forward as well.

Hatch Kids carves out a niche in the cloud gaming market, providing a safe environment for children to play mobile games. Read more about Hatch Kids at the official website.