06:04 pm
16 August 2022

The State Of Ninth Gen

The State Of Ninth Gen

Hello! Thanks for dropping by.

Ninth Gen is alive and well. We’ve had a short hiatus, but we plan to update more consistently moving forward. Unfortunately, I’m currently away from my PC, which limits my ability to test and review cloud gaming services. We’ll be posting profiles and news updates, however, as well as more comprehensive coverage of the cloud gaming sphere.

Additionally, you might have noticed that not every story on Ninth Gen fits cloud gaming. You’d be right. We’ve decided to expand our scope to include other gaming products and services that we believe align with the next generation model, such as Apple Arcade, Indiexpo, and GOG Galaxy.

Often times, a company will have an announcement or release a patch, something that doesn’t quite warrant a full news article, but which we’re more than happy to share with our readers. Therefore, we’ll occasionally retweet news that falls in this grey area, if you’re looking for news highlights. We’ve also compiled a list of cloud-related twitter accounts, if, alternatively, you’d like to see every single tweet.

Thanks for reading! We’d love to hear your thoughts on the website. Feel free to write us on Twitter or email us at contact@ninthgen.com.